Thursday, April 5, 2012

Vintage Hand-Sewn Quilt Beckons a Binding

Remember this lovely hand sewn vintage quilt found at a thrift store?

Remember the lovely, green bias tape binding? It looks pretty good here, eh?

Remember it had been machine sewn in a 'rough' manner?

Sitting there with seam ripper in hand, painstakingly, removing that green bias tape binding
(with the freakishly itty bitty stitches) off of my delicate, worn quilt,

I began to think of the maker of the quilt. 
The entire quilt is hand stitched except for the binding.
I do not care for hand sewing myself, I like to "git 'er done",
but I can appreciate a hand stitched item done by someone else.

All that hand stitched love, the fabrics chosen. 
Maybe they were from worn out clothes, or flour sacks.

I also wondered about the binding.  Did the quilt maker pass away before it could be finished? 
Did a daughter or granddaughter choose the binding to finish the beloved family quilt?

I almost began to feel guilty for removing it!

But, then I remembered that this once treasured family quilt ended up in a thrift store
and I purchased it, giving me ownership to remove it. Amen!

(Whew, felt good thinking that through. Let's move on)

I laid this green binding on the quilt so you could see the stark contrast from the soft pastels.  It wasn't a bad thing, necessarily, I just wanted something more in 'tune' to the integrity of the quilt.

This is what I have found so far.  It looks aqua in the pictures
but is a perfect green to many of the greens in the quilt. 

After searching through a few fabric stores, I discovered this sweet fabric on my own shelf.
It was given to me by a friend and is an older cotton calico fabric,
so it really blends in nicely. 

What do you think?

I laid it on the edge to see what it would look like as a binding.
I think it looks good on both front and back sides, don't you?

The binding will be 1".

Hmmm?  Still not sure...I like it, I like it not...

I love the colors on this quilt. 
Did you notice the green 'flower' below has two different fabrics in it. 

Well, I may look a little while longer, but I do like this fabric with it.

I have only completed one quilt with binding and it was over a year ago,
so now to find my notes on cutting and preparing the binding. 

Can't wait to get started on this! 

Blessings from my heart and sewl soul,

Thank you my kindred friends for leaving a comment. 
I appreciate them all and will reply as quickly as time allows. 

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