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Amazing 'Sewing, Quilting, Crafting' Themed Cakes!

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Yesterday was my 1st year blog-a-versary!  I had lovely things planned in my head and notebook to post on that very special day.  Those lovely things are still in my head and notebook.  The past couple of weeks ended up being busier than I would have liked and so blogging and 'therapy' times gets pushed aside once again.

So to start off today's post in honor of my one year of blogging, I wanted to find a spectacular cake to celebrate.  I had seen a couple of really great sewing themed cakes on Pinterest and figured I would choose one.

That should have been pretty easy. Fail. Once I started searching for the 'perfect' cake to share with all of you...I would find another one that was more fascinating or perfect.
 The next thing I knew I was being literally 'consumed' BY the cakes.
 I was overwhelmed...I couldn't stop myself, there were just too many wonderful cakes to be shared.

So to celebrate, I'm blogging about some really fabulous sewing, quilting, crafting themed cakes! And because there are several, I'm hoping you will share them with me.
Let us have cake...and have it till we're FULL!...
(and we really can because it's 'virtually' 0 calories)

Here are some pretty awesome cakes.
You will be amazed!  You will be astounded!  
You will be thinking "is that really a cake"?  
The direct source link (if there was one) is below each picture, and yes, they are ALL cakes.  Enjoy...

Cute Spools of Thread Cake pops with a tutorial.  (Shannan do you see this?)

Pretty sweet stuff!

Perfect little notions on these pretty little cupcakes!  Love the scrolls!

Perfect tomato pin cushion!  Love that the round cake is 'quilted' with actual stitches! 

Large Bobbin~wound to perfection!  Look at the lines of the thread!  Such patience!

Lace, elastic, snaps...Is this fabulous or what!!?!  If I made something like this,
I would put polyurethane all over it to preserve it forever.  (after I ate a few buttons of course) 

More sewing notions, A little bit of everything.
The button cards are too cute!

An Amazing Artist cake

Cute little bears on this Painters Cake.  I like that all the paintbrushes have a color on them and that
the paint is dripping from the can.

For Crafters of every age. Cute!

A Scrapbookers Cake with edible images!
Not sure how that is done but I bet we could find it on Pinterest! (wink, wink)

Look at the textured patchwork on this Quilters cake!
Are you as fascinated as I am?? 

Seamstress cake.  Would be cute for a baby shower also.

I am amazed with this Knitting Basket! From the skinny yarn balls to the texture on the knitted piece.

Love the bright colors and messiness of the 'yarn'.

This one has a great tutorial!  This is so fabulous, looks like real yarn!

Sew amazing! Isn't it?

A serger~sew much talent shown here!

Love all of the detail down to the small sewing basket in the corner!

Beautifully whimsical!

'Sweet' little sewing basket!
The embroidery stitches and metallic buttons are fantastic!

This one is just gorgeous!  Every meticulous detail perfected!
I am just amazed at such skill!  Would you look at those Cameos! The blue ribbon is real, I'm sure!

And I saved my favorite for last...

Meg Davis, Hospital Chef~Gold Baking Award
A completely edible sewing basket!!  The detail is almost overwhelming to me!
Sew much fabulous-ness I can hardly contain myself!!

Well, if you made it this far, you are truly a kindred spirit.  Thank you for indulging coming by to visit and share in my blog-a-versary party!  Hope you enjoyed the cakes as much as I did!
(although, I may have gained some 'virtual' pounds)

I have some projects I've been working on and hope to share next week.

Until next time,
Blessings from my heart and 'sewl',


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